Who we are.

The NGI Commons consortium comprises experts from six organizations, namely: Martel Innovate BV (the Netherlands), OpenForum Europe (Belgium), CNRS (France), Open Future (the Netherlands), Martel GmbH (Switzerland), and the Linux Foundation Europe (Belgium). 

The role of individual project partners:

  • Martel Innovate BV will coordinate the project, ensuring its proper and timely execution. 
  • OpenForum Europe will engage experts to identify priorities for further development of digital/internet commons, curate synergies with relevant initiatives, and provide support to commoners to navigate the EC funding opportunities.
  • CNRS will map relevant initiatives and elaborate on governance models for future digital commons.
  • Open Future Foundation will map digital sovereignty policy initiatives of relevance, injecting into the development of a strategic agenda for support to the digital/internet commons ecosystem and investment in public digital infrastructure.
  • Martel Innovate will lead the effort of engaging experts to analyse the NGI Portfolio and oversee the impact creation activities.
  • Linux Foundation Europe will measure the leverage effect of NGI funding and identify efforts, technology blocks, projects, and results of past and ongoing NGI projects feeding into digita/internet commons initiatives.

Thanks to the project partners’ in-depth know-how and a thorough understanding of the European policy landscape, their direct involvement in the European digital/internet commons and open-source scenes, as well as their experience, position, and deep understanding of the NGI needs and evolution, the NGI Commons consortium is well equipped to achieve the ambitious objectives and expected outcomes of HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-04 Call: Next Generation Internet Commons Policy.